Tibet 2011 – Water

Water is a most valuable asset in these villages: no one has water at home, and many villages are still without a water supply sufficient for the basic needs of the families – provided by one or more fountains in the streets of the village – or for irrigation. Here it rains rarely, and only in the summer months when the monsoon from India manages to cross the Himalayan barrier. Then, for months and months at a time it never rains.
This year the aqueduct for the villages of Singma and Gangchen was completed, which makes use of a spring located about 60 feet underground. The water is carried to the villages – placed higher than the source – thanks to an electric pump and is then channeled several kilometers in pipes buried at least three feet underground, to withstand the cold winter. Water for irrigation is collected in three tanks.
This technology has recently been made available in this area, offering very good results, and it is hoped that it can soon be applied in other villages.

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