Tibet 2011 – Trees

After traveling to this region of Tibet, it is easy to understand the immense value of our precious forests. In the villages of Dakshu Shang trees are rare, because of altitude, arid climate and the hard and stony soil. The villages and fields used for cultivation are totally exposed to the searing sun and the strong winds of the plateau cause violent sand storms and erosion of the already infertile soil, the rainfall – concentrated in the summer months – is often torrential.
A patient work of reforestation has been undertaken in recent years, particularly around the villages of Gangchen, Singma and Dhonnang: the saplings are purchased and planted in the spring. Thanks to the work of the villagers holes are dug in the hard ground, the trees are planted and then have to be patiently watered and encircled by wire mesh to protect them from animals. Thanks to diligent care almost all of the trees already planted are growing and are in good condition; about 2000 new trees have been planted this year. Around May the leaves begin to appear and in the summer months, around the villages, they are beginning to see the first green areas.
The dedications to people who have been offered a tree are all brought to Tibet, and read during the ceremonies at the monastery: a great gift for the future of children and for the families living in the villages.

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