Tibet 2011 – Adoptions

Once again this year the main activity of the Association in Tibet was the support given to the children adopted at a distance, their families and the communities in which they live.
This year our aid reached about 20 villages in the district of Dakshu Shang, a plateau of central Tibet at an altitude of 4,000 mts where the living conditions are particularly difficult due to the high altitude, the extreme climate and lack of rain, which make it a sort of high-altitude desert.
The economy of the families in this area is based primarily on mountain agriculture carried out almost exclusively by manual work – the harvested crops are generally not sufficient even to support a family – and some animal rearing.
For the approximately 2000 children who live in these villages the Association purchased basic necessities, which often the families can not afford due to their lack of monetary income: leather and canvas shoes, jackets, sweaters, pants, woolen tights, t-shirts, hats, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels and so on. The children attending school also received school uniforms and enough school materials for the entire school year, the cost of which are often out of reach of their families. The harvests of each family have been increased with 25 kg sacks of rice and flour, distributed according to the population lists prepared in collaboration with the local government.
The adopted children from every village were called one by one to be photographed and many of them had prepared letters – usually very simple in content, but full of sincere gratitude – for their benefactors. The children awaiting adoption were also photographed, village-by-village: the photo is a precious moment for them, a symbol of hope that no one wants to give up.

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