Nepal 2011 – Gangchen Samling School

As in previous years the school year – 2010/11 ending in April – was celebrated with the Losar cultural programme. All the students had the opportunity to contribute to the programme that includes dance, song and sports exhibitions. The parents of the children along with foreign guests attended the performance. The inter-house dance competition – an event eagerly awaited for by students and teachers alike – was won this year by the green house after a 2-hour competition that included both traditional and modern dance. School reports were distributed to the parents of the children before the school closed for the holiday.

The new school year (2011/12) has seen a slight drop in the number of children enrolled in the school due to the closure of many small factories in the area. Unfortunately many families have been forced to relocate out of the Kathmandu area in their search for work and cheaper living conditions. However, it is hoped with some publicity and the sponsorship programme that the school will be able to increase the number of students during the year. Some improvements to the building have been made before the opening of the school session: the courtyard has been paved, a small stage has been built into the assembly hall, window-frames and walls have been re-painted. The Association has helped the school this year to finance the appointment of new teachers.

In the first half of this year the school has once again hosted several volunteer teachers – from Italy and Spain – who have enriched the academic session with sports and arts activities. The school has also included after school basketball training for both boys and girls and hopes to create two teams of 9 to 10 year olds to compete in inter-school competitions.

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