Nepal 2010 – Himalayan Healing Centre Clinic

In 2009, the total number of patients visited by doctors in the Himalayan Healing Centre Clinic reached almost 9000. The most popular of the services over the year was the reproductive health clinic with 2360 patients, followed by general medicine with 2154 patients. The dental facilities at the clinic are always popular and in increasingly demand, this year the dentist treated 1730 people. Unfortunately an increasing number of children are also in need of dental treatment as the diet of the children changes to include more sweet foods and drinks that are now readily available in the area. In order to offer regular check-ups to local children, in an attempt to inform parents about tooth decay and prevent further intervention the Association is sponsoring new equipment and increased material in the dental clinic.

The clinic also offers natural Himalayan herbal remedies and therapies upon request and is also a base for the vaccination of young children and babies.

Donations from the 5×1000 initiative of the Italian Government and Emergency Fund have been of great support to the Himalayan Healing Centre Clinic this year. The Clinic has been able to buy a new generator (an important necessity as the load-shedding schedule implemented by the Nepal Government means the Clinic is often without a power supply during working hours). New equipment, such as a microscope for the TB program, have been provided and worn out equipment especially in the dental studio has been replaced. The dental clinic – with a special emphasis on the treatment of children – has also been supplied with enough materials to last for the coming year. A stock of disinfectant, cotton, masks, syringes and basic pharmaceuticals, indispensible in the running of the clinic – have also been bought.

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