Nepal 2010 – Gangchen Samling School

Thanks to two volunteer art teachers (from Italy and France) the children of Gangchen Samling School have been stretching their imaginations! The younger children completed art projects based on the topic of the elements whilst the older children were introduced to an array of arts and crafts…

As in previous years the children prepared a cultural performance to celebrate the lunar new-year. This year a particularly interesting performance was carried out to explain to the spectators the meaning of the main festivals of the Hindu culture and religion.

13 pupils from Gangchen Samling School sat the class 8 Government board exams this year.

Gangchen Samling School has also benefitted from the donations received this year from both individual donors and the tax rebate programme of the Italian government. A new and more powerful water filter has been fitted to ensure that the children have unlimited access to clean water, a new photocopy machine has been installed to cut the cost of using outside services, audio-visual equipment has been purchased to offer the students, who are from some of the poorest families of the area, access to new methods of learning.

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