Nepal 2010 – Emergency Fund

Over the years the Emergency Fund has provided help to hundreds of families. The Fund pays for life-saving operations and medical treatments and provides financial aid to families facing serious difficulties. The Emergency Fund also helps to buy materials for Gangchen Samling School and continuously helps to provide materials for the important social and healthcare activities of the Himalayan Healing Centre.

The Emergency Fund also plays an important role in keeping the children whose sponsors can no longer support them in school. Of the students finishing school this year 24 of them need to thank the generous donations that people have made to the Emergency Fund. Without this fund they would have missed the chance to finish their education and the years of study and the financial investment made for their education by sponsors would be completely lost. Although at this time we are unable to continue supporting these children if they wish to continue in further education – they now have the basic qualification which well help them to find work in the education system, tourist industry, government office and so on.

In the photos we can see Mukesh, who came back from his village to visit us 4 years after his life-saving heart operation. He is now healthy and enjoying school in his village. Drapaudi is one of the first children who benefited from the Emergency Fund – after her heart operation she has been able to attend school and is always at the top of her class, she participates in all the dance and art activities of her school.

Other photos show Ambika, the mother of Puja, Karmala and Sunita, who works on building sites carrying bricks and when there is no work to be found she begs food to support her daughters. Thanks to the Emergency Fund her children attend a local school and are always at the top of their classes.

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