Nepal 2010 – Adoptions

Under increasingly difficult conditions the Association continues to support the education and healthcare of approximately 900 children in Nepal through the long distance adoptions program. Once again over the course of the year the Association has also extended help to elderly people with no other means of support as well as to young monks living and studying in local monasteries.

In April of 2010, 56 children sponsored through Help in Action sat the exams for the School Leaving Certificate. These young adults were amongst the first children to be accepted into the Help in Action sponsorship program in Nepal and considering the social, political, economic and personal conditions through which they have managed to complete their education – they are 56 children who have succeeded against all odds! We would like to congratulate them for their hard work. At the end of the school session 2010/11, a further 70 students will sit the exam commonly know in Nepal as the “iron gateway to a better future”.

Approximately 75 children are continuing in further education thanks to the generosity of their sponsors. Popular subjects include teaching degrees, commerce, hotel management, social work, engineering and nursing.

Just so we can see the positive effect that having the possibility to attend school can have on children, we have included images of some children when we first met them and photos of them now.

In support of ILO convention and the Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World

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