Procedure to Open a Long Distance Adoption

To make an adoption it is necessary to complete the subscription form and send it by post, fax or e-mail along with a copy of your first payment to:

Help in Action – Lama Gangchen Kiurok Tsochun
Via Marco Polo 13, 20124 Milan, Italy
Tel: +39 02 29000521   Fax: +39 02 65561732

After receipt of this information we will send the photograph, address and bio-data of the person we are entrusting to you.


Payments can be made directly by credit card or Paypal, or through your bank to:

Banca Popolare di Sondrio – Agency 13, Milan, Italy
Account name: Lama Gangchen Kiurok Tsochun
Account number: 2877/24
Bank codes: Cab: 1612 Abi: 5696
IBAN: IT58 D056 9601 6120 0000 2877 X24


Please use the same name and surname on all transactions and specify the reason of the payment.


The annual amount for each adoption is 240 euro and it can be paid in one or more instalments over the year.

Yearly payment: 240 euro
Half yearly payment: 120 euro
Quarterly payment: 60 euro
Monthly payment: 20 euro

This annual donation – equivalent to buying a newspaper a day – is enough to completely change the living conditions of someone in need.

From the annual amount 29 euro is kept each year:

24 euro to cover the running costs of the Association.

This includes office rent, telephone, postal charges, printing, photocopies and so on (all the people working for the Association are volunteers);

5 euro from each adoption is placed in the Emergency Fund to help those children who are still waiting for a sponsor. (See Humanitarian Aid – Emergency Fund)

There is no fixed length to the duration of the adoption; it is always possible to stop if you are not able to continue due to economic difficulties or for some other reason. The Association in these cases uses the Emergency Fund whilst trying to find the child another sponsor. However, if you decide to make a long distance adoption please do so with the motivation to continue for some years. In general the children and their families, after receiving the first donation, depend upon the money to complete their educational and life projects.

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