Children in Tibet/China

In Tibet, the Association works mainly in the villages of the Shigatse region in Central Tibet where the average altitude is of 4000 meters. Life in the villages of this area is very hard: the climatic conditions are extreme in a place where houses are built simply from mud bricks. There is no running water, electricity, heating or sanitary facilities, and very often people don’t even own furniture, mattresses or blankets. Schools are rare and makeshift. There is little medical assistance and needless to say there are no shops and no postal service.

The climate is extremely cold and just as arid; there is a dramatic scarcity of water. Most villages have no water and, without aqueducts, trees are rare and the cultivation of crops is difficult. The meagre harvests produced in this kind of hard and dry mountainous environment, are often only enough to last the family for 6-7 months of the year. But, as well as the problem of what to eat, the families also find themselves with nothing to sell or exchange and therefore have no money to dress their children and even less to buy school materials. These children, who have little chance of attending school, have to confront the harsh Tibetan winter with the few ragged clothes they are wearing and with whatever footwear they can find.

Thanks to the donations collected, every summer Lama Gangchen Help in Action distributes money, clothes, shoes, school stationary, stocks of food and seed to the families of children in 26 villages.



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