Environmental and Agricultural Development Projects

Due to the altitude and arid climate, trees are very rare and extremely precious in Central Tibet. Having no protection from the erosion caused by violent winds and strong sun the land becomes increasingly less fertile and at risk of landslides.

Over the years reforestation projects, supported by Lama Gangchen, have created several green zones in the area. In 2008, thanks to donations collected by the Association, a new green zone was created in the area of Gangchen Village with the planting of 4000 saplings. A further 20,000 trees were planted on the outskirts of Dakshu Village.

Particularly important in this area are programs to encourage the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, with the provision of necessary hydraulic systems. The lack of fresh produce in the diet is the cause of many sicknesses related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In 2007 a large greenhouse was financed in Nye Village and a smaller one was built in the grounds of Nye School. These greenhouses now successfully provide a supply of fresh vegetables for local school children as well as for elderly and sick people. To help improve the agricultural yield, in 2008 – upon the request of the local population – a small tractor was given to each village which can also be used to transport water, tools, provisions and even sick people in need of medical attention.

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