2009 – Gangchen Samling School

In April, 452 children completed the school year in Gangchen Samling School. Of these, 10 students sat the SLC (School Leaving Certificate) Exam. They are all expected to do well and achieve results that will place them in the first division. These children are the first to have completed their education in the school.

Over the school year many students have had the opportunity to follow creative arts and handicraft programs. The handicraft programs have been run during the school holidays and volunteer art teacher Fanny Alloing from France ran very popular creative arts workshops over the February-March period. The school is planning to create an exhibition space for the imaginative artwork that has been produced.

As in the previous years all children have also had the opportunity to participate in traditional dance and music classes. This year, once again, the school has particularly distinguished itself in the sport of Tae Kwando. In fact, during his visit in February, Lama Gangchen presented 37 children with their Tae Kwando black belts! The highest number of black belts attained by pupils of any one school.

Final exam results were distributed on Parents’ Day, April 7th, when children from across the school presented dances and songs for their families and friends. Prizes were also presented to children who did particularly well in their final exams.


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