2012 Long Distance Adoptions

In 2012, 96 of the children sponsored through Help in Action in Nepal sat the exam for the School Leaving Certificate. Of these young adults some have decided to seek employment whilst others have taken the decision to enter further education (23 children are now studying in +2 classes and 17 students are already in university). Two of these children won full scholarships to college after the results of the exam were published and Jamuna was just one of two girls offered a place on an electronic engineering course. The most popular courses are business studies, hotel management and information technology. We would like to congratulate all these students on their success.
This year, we have been able to accept 42 new young children into the project. These children, who are just starting out on their new school life have a long journey ahead of them! The support of Help in Action is becoming increasingly more important for these families as the school enrolment and monthly fees have increased considerably due to new taxes and payment conditions set by the government. However, there are still hundreds of children requesting help to pay for their education through our local office in Kathmandu. If anyone would like to help please contact us.
As in previous years the long distance adoptions project is also used to help other people who have problems of day-to-day survival such as the elderly, disabled people and young monks who live in monasteries.

Photos of some of the children sponsored through the Association.

A few student who have received their School Leaving Certificates this year.

Some of the new children accepted into the long distance adoptions project.