2012 Gangchen Samling School

The Association has 196 children sponsored in this school that is determined to offer a high level of education to some of the poorest children of the local area. In fact a number of these children live in local orphanages that would otherwise be unable to educate them. The school – as well as following the national curriculum – also has a rich extra-curricula programme with dance and music classes, day trips to local places of interest and sports.
In March, before the end of year exams took place, a two-hour cultural programme was held. Children from every class are given the opportunity to participate in this event with songs, dance and theatre. Students and teachers both look forward to this annual event and a lot of effort is put into preparing the show which is performed in from of Lama Gangchen, foreign visitors and the families of the children.
After the distribution of exam results the children were given the possibility to write letters and draw pictures for their sponsors. Many children do not have access to writing paper and coloured pencils at home.
In the daily morning assembly older children are given the chance to prepare a speech, quiz or report good news from the previous days.

Photos of the school.

Photos of children receiving their school reports and writing letters to sponsors.

Photos of the morning assembly, a time for exercise, prayer and sharing!