2012 – Emergency Fund

This year the Fund has been instrumental in allowing children who have been left without a sponsor to complete their education. After years of investment in their education, it would not be of any benefit and very wasteful to force these children to leave school and lose the possibility to attain their School Leaving Certificate and the hope of a better future.

As in previous years the Association is giving financial support to a number of families who have disabled children. Some need help for medical care whilst others struggling to cope alone need support to provide basic necessities such as food and rent. These families face particular problems, as most need to work – forcing them to leave sick and vulnerable children alone for hours at a time. Others are forced to take the children into the streets to beg; this is often the only solution for parents who do not have the possibility to work.

Kopila for example is now studying in class 7. Although she has a sponsor to pay for her school fees, she also receives extra support from the Emergency Fund so that she can sleep and eat in the boarding facility of the school. Unfortunately the mother of Kopila is deaf and dumb and is unable to find work – for this reason she is forced to beg for food and sleep on the street. Without the Emergency Fund Kopila would be forced to join her.
Since Dolma was very young, her mother has been forced to leave her in the care of her elder sister while she worked. Thanks to a sponsor the family receives a monthly sum to help them with basic necessities and from this year, thanks to the Emergency Fund, the sister of Dolma has been given the chance to study full-time. Hopefully with a decent qualification she will be able to find a good job and help support her family.
Anish has many complicated health problems that mean he will need 24 hour care for the rest of his life – unfortunately this year his mother was also ill but thanks to the Fund she was able to pay for the necessary tests and treatment that gave her back the strength to look after him, his brother and sister. This family also receives help to pay for rent and basic necessities.

Elderly people often face similar problems. With no kind of support from the authorities many find it difficult to survive. The donations given to these people from the Emergency Fund allows them to have the minimal amount of security – a roof and food or even money for medicine. For many the support of Help in Action gives them the possibility to live this already difficult time with serenity and peace.

The Fund is also used to support Gangchen Samling School – the more financial support we give the school the more accessible the monthly fees are for poorer families. Having lower running costs also allows the school to continue offering free places to children who would otherwise would not have the chance to study.

This year many children have been left without support, these are just a few of the children who received financial support from the Emergency Fund to either complete or continue their education.

Some of the disabled children receiving extra help from the Fund.