2010 – Trees

This important reforestation project is now well underway. Thanks to the aid collected this spring, thousands of new trees have been planted in order to protect the villages of the region.

The precious presence of trees, a very rare thing in such high altitudes, actually acts as protection from landslides and soil erosion from the already arid terrain, as well as from the wind and dust storms common on the plateau and from storms which can at times be very violent.

More than 20,000 trees have already been planted in the area and are served by a working irrigation system. However, many more trees are necessary!

The actual work of planting trees has been carried out by the inhabitants of the villages, who, apart from having the opportunity to enjoy paid work, have also experienced the joy of doing something truly important for their own lives.

The dedications for those who have donated trees, an invaluable gift for the local population, were brought to Tibet and read during prayer ceremonies in the monasteries.

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