2010 – Schools

In the last years, thanks to the aid received by the families, the percentage of children who attend school in the assisted villages (up until class 6 – the last year of elementary school) has almost doubled. There has also been a sizeable increase in the number of children attending middle and high schools that offer education from classes 7 to 12, and it is with great satisfaction and joy that we now see some of the children who have received aid attending university, something that was unthinkable a few years ago in these very poor villages.

Once again this year, in the grounds of Nye elementary school – which caters for approximately 450 children from classes 1 to 6 – the distribution of aid took place with the help of the teachers and representatives from the local authorities. Each child received a supply of exercise books, pens, ink, pencils and so on, as well as new school uniforms. Aid was also given to the children attending Nepu and Singma schools.

Finances were also allocated for the maintenance and upkeep of the school buildings, always necessary due to the extreme climate of Tibet.

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