2010 – Medical Clinics

Activities in Nye Clinic, the most important in the region, have also been increasing. This particular clinic has the responsibility to provide health care to about 5,000 local inhabitants who have been registered in the census and provided with health cards. There are now four permanent doctors in this clinic who assure a 24-hour presence, they are also able to make home visits to families thanks to the tractor donated last year. Thanks to the aid they have received, the clinic now provides beds for the sick and their families, and medication is distributed free of charge. In extreme cases, the sick are accompanied to the hospital situated in Shigatse, the nearest city of the province.

The doctors of Nye Clinic also provide services to other smaller clinics built by the Association, which serve the most remote villages, such as Nepu and Shishung. These small structures are always full to capacity on the days when doctors are present to provide health care.

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