2009 – Himalayan Healing Centre Clinic

Year after year the Himalayan Healing Centre Clinic – regardless of the encompassing economic or political situation – continues to offer medical care to some of the poorest and most needy people of the Tinchuli-Boudhanath area of Kathmandu. It is a structure that the local people have come to know and rely upon for their most basic medical needs.

In 2008, 11,000 people made use of the Clinic’s services. Of these 26% used general medicine facilities, 25% used the reproductive health clinic and 20% asked for dental care. The Clinic continues to participate in immunization programs for babies and young children and the Dots treatment for the cure of tuberculosis.

This year the Clinic was once again host to western volunteer doctors. In particular during the entire month of March, Spanish Drs Luis Rodriguez Mori and Marta Antica-Lopez, offered acupuncture, homeopathic and other natural remedies to a very enthusiastic crowd of patients.

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